006900 LIMITED


Key data on the Company

Company number 04037767
Incorporated on 20 July 2000
Status Active
Company type Private Limited Company
SIC (Nature of business): 35300 - Steam and air conditioning supply
Phone, email, etc:

Key Finance

CASH £52.7k

About Company

006900 Limited is a Private Limited Company. The company registration number is 04037767. 006900 Limited has been working since 7/20/2000. The present status of the company is Active. The registered address of 006900 Limited is Havyatt Manor Havyatt Glastonbury Somerset Ba6 8lf. The company`s financial liabilities are £30.83k. It is £-8.13k against last year. The cash in hand is £52.7k. It is £48.55k against last year. And the total assets are £108.7k, which is £23.76k against last year. Vanessa Louise Wright is a Secretary of the company. Roger Malcolm Smith is a Director of the company. Nominee Secretary Dmcs Secretaries Limited has been resigned. Nominee Director Dmcs Directors Limited has been resigned. Secretary Brent Young has been resigned. The company operates in "Steam and air conditioning supply". From these basic company details through to insolvency checks, bankruptcy to litigation, and ownership to revenue - our credit reports will help you check any company for possible risk and liability.

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